Copyright Notice:
Applied PC Systems has carefully assembled and presented the software components below in accordance with our own design concepts and without reference to or comparison with any other software, to achieve the best visual effect and to ensure the fastest possible run speed.
Since 2005, we have developed our own software which has progressed through several versions and in so doing we have followed our own academic knowledge and never looked at or copied any other software.
As at January 2011 the system comprised in excess of 200,000 lines of complex C-Sharp Source Code of which NONE was copied from any other software product.
We have designed the software to run reliably in all possible locations, corporate and organizational environments plus as many regional locations as possible.
We therefore claim Full International Copyright over all of the concepts, screens, database design and other material representations contained within.
External Component Disclaimer Notice:
This software is comprised of or relates to the following software components not written by ourselves, over which we have very limited control, limited information, no right of internal inspection and no real ability to refuse automatic Internet updates.
Provider Facilities & Software Libraries The Windows NT Operating System Platform (2000, 2003, XP, Vista, V7 & V8) with the Dot Net Framework and SQL Database Storage systems.
The Visual Studio Development System and the C-Sharp programming language.
Software tools and a library of screen objects associated with the Visual Studio series. Additional software tools and screen objects for superior on screen data presentation and operational speed.
VistaDb .net database The VistaDb dotNet Embedded Database System is sold and supported by Gibraltar Software. It is embedded into our software and goes out with the standard download. Additional software tools and screen objects for superior on screen data presentation and operational speed.
Anti-Virus software This form of software often performs stateful inspection and possible alteration of executable components.
Device Driver software
and Service Packs
These are installed by the hardware manufacturer, the user or through internet update procedures.
Usage Conditions
By using this software you (the user) acknowledges your responsibility for ensuring that your data is adequately stored, backed-up and presented accurately and to agree that Applied PC Systems pty ltd is no way responsible for the above itemized software components.
Use of this software implies acceptance of all these conditions.