Version 3 Software Details:
This software was the version that we produced before the Office-2007 Ribbon control became available to Developers.
The Free Personal License version of this software is totally free forever, however there are restrictions inside the software such as One new Strategic Plan and 10 Employees in the Organizational Tree.
32 bit software only
This software uses the Microsoft dbJet database system which is also used by MS-Outlook and MS-Powerpoint.
As Microsoft did not publish this in a 64-bit compatible format this version of our software will not work on some 64-bit computers.
Incompatible with European Number Formats 1234,56
This version of the software cannot be used if you use European, Spanish or Portugese Regional Settings.
Often there is a compatible Regional Setting that you can use, for example in France there is the French (Switzerland) regional setting.
Free Microsoft Dot Net Framework V2
This software runs under the dot net framework Version 2 (or higher).
This is the Vista version of the framework so if you are not running Windows Vista then you will probably need to download this.