Version 7 Software Screen Shots
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Strategy Map
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Balanced Scorecard
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Options Module
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C-Sharp Code Example
Special note regarding How Software Quickly Becomes Old &Outdated.
It is important to understand that every time a software system is modified, it also Ages - because the original concept is "patched" and quickly becomes distorted.
This causes the software code, data structures and database to not exactly mirror the software product form, and over time with successive versions the problem gets much worse.

Most software developers cut corners and avoid rewriting their system because it is both complex and very expensive.
So they continue to follow the reactive path and their code becomes increasingly large, inefficient, unmanagable, slow and unreliable.

However we continue to follow "the Correct and Best Process for the long term benefit of all our Valued Customers".
For the past 9 months we have been working full time rewriting our StrategyKpi software so that is perfectly matches the current product form.
September 2015: Version 7.1 was released.
We have continued work on the V6 series and made the software much faster:
1. Software and Modules Load Faster.
2. New version 8 is under development.
March 2015: Version 6.9 was released.
We have continued work on the V6 series:
1. The software now containes a free KPI/KRA library.
2. More improvements are planned to the V6 series.
June 2014: Version 7 development halted and Version 6 software license priced discounted by 75%.
We have stopped work on V7 due to a profound lack of sales income:
1. The world economic situation is still waiting for some kind of recovery.
2. Here in Australia the previous government wasted billions of dollars before they were kicked out. Now the replacement government has embarked on a program of austerity and cut-backs in an effort to reduce these profound debts.
3. The result of all this is that our StrategyKpi sales have dropped markedly and we cannot spend money we do not have.
4. However the good news is that our Version 6 is still a very good system, as always our software usage is 99% free.
5. We will resume work on V7 as soon as we possibly can.
Thank you for reading this note.
- Phil Best (Developer & Owner

January 2014: The Balanced Scorecard and Cross Reference Modules have now been completed to become perfectly aligned with the new V7 features.
We are now working on the New Strategic Plan Wizard and expect to have it completed this week. Then we will do:
1. Complete the XML Import/Export (include legacy version 4, 5 & 6 imports).
2. Rewrite the Multi-Image Panel Module.
3. Make further modifications to the Balanced Scorecard Module to add the additional Gauge Types.
4. Begin Testing of All Modules.
5. Write an specification for the pasword control system.
6. Write the code to implement the password control system.

We are on track to have all this completed before the end of July 2014.
November 2013: The Strategy Map Module has now been totally rewritten to become perfectly aligned with the new V7 concepts.
The total rewrite that we have done will allow the software to run much faster and more reliably.

We are now working on the Balanced Scorecard and Options Modules together:
1. Add 2 Date columns to the Objectives Grid
2. Add 2 Date columns and 3 List-based Text columns to the Initiatives Grid.
3. Add the New Monthly Compliance Checkbox Grid.
4. Add Additional Gauge Types.
5. Realign all the Internal Data Structures plus the Database Column structure to exactly mirror the current software product form.

Following this we will rewrite the Drill-Down Cross Reference module.
After this (in the Startup Module) we will rewrite the Add New Strategic Plan Wizard plus the XML Import/Export.
This should then provide a fully working software system and we expect to begin work on the new Password Security System.

We are on track to have all this completed before the end of 2014.
October 2013: The Startup Module and all other Module Linkages have now been completed.
All modules now load in a fraction of the time taken with V6, however you can only work on one module at a time.

We are now working on improvements to the Strategy Map Module, and this is expected to be completed in the first week of October.
1. Ability to save changes made to the Row Height and Map Footer.
2. Ability to have header and footer text located on the rows between the main Objectives.
3. Improvement to the OwnerLogo image.
4. Improvements to the Arrow Drawing.

After this is done we will begin work on improvements to the Balanced Scorecard Module.
Following this will be improvements on the Drill_Down Cross-Reference Module.
After this we expect to begin work on the new Password Security System.
September 2013: Work on the Startup Module and all other Module Linkages has now begun.
With V6 and previous versions, our policy was to run the major modules (Vision, StrategyMap, Scorecard, Drill-down and Options) as seperate executable files.
This had the advantage that a user could have more than one module running at the same time.
However as the software was developed, the executable file sizes grew to the extent where they took too much time to load.

So now we have re-engineered them to be child windows from the Startup Module.
This makes then load and run faster, but has the disadvantage that only one screen can be operational at a time.
Hence if you are running the Balanced Scorecard Module and you need the Strategy Map Module, then you will need to close the Scorecard Module first.
The 2 NEW V7 Modules, Vision/Mission and Dr.SWOT.L have been completed.
We are very pleased with the look and operaton of them and believe that they will play a very important role for everybody that uses our software.
It is our goal that many Strategic Plans will be able to use these two modules so well that they may never need to progress further or else could be left to a later date.
If so then an important Strategic Planning Stage will still have been reached.

The Dr Swot modue will also feature an very large Pick List of both Strategic Objectives and KPI/KRA Items, however these have not yet been added into the module.
  - As these lists will also be present in the Balanced Scorecard Module, we will write the code for both modules at the same time   - We believe that the inclusion of these lists will be an extremely important facility for all persons doing Strategic Planning.
August 2013: V7 DR.SWOT 90% completed - More changes to Vision Mission Module.
The Dr.SWOT Module is excellent and most users will be very pleased.
The focus in on creating the ability to have Strategic Alignment without the need for the Strategy Map. Yes you can have both the DR.SWOT and the Strategy Map, but the Strategy Map is not the only method for creating alignment and Gauge Value feedback.
The Goal is to have a SWOT Grid containing the balanced scorecard gauges.

We like the new Swot module so much that we are modifying the Vision/Mission module so that it is similar to the Swot module.
When this is done we can complete the Swot module as it has the capability of displaying the Vision/Mission statements in the head.
  - Imagine the Swot Module with Visionary Statements, Swot and Objectives Components AND Gauge based numeric performance feedback. - We call this a Swot Map.
July 2013: V7 DR.SWOT - New Module Creation.
In doing consulting work for our customers over the years, one thing has stood out and that is the importance of the tried and tested SWOT Analysis methodology.
  - We believe that this facility is the Origin of all Organizational Strategic Information
Hence we are now devoting an entire module to this important area.
However this is not just a place where you can type in some data, it is a fully aligned facility so that the SWOT Zone data can be incorporated inside the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map.
Plus the SWOT Grid will have the ability to display the Gauge based Numeric Feedback System that originates in the Balanced Scorecard Monthly and Initiative Grids.
As of July 19, work is progressing on this module and the screen user interface is looking very good. We have actually created three different test formats and have today finally decided on the best one.
We have defined the "Swot-Extended" zones and hence we are providing "Danger, Risk, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Leverage and Competitors."
There will be a total of 10 possible zones, so users can Add, Rename or Remove Swot Zones as required.
Our goals are:
  - The DR.SWOT facility can be used as either an Alternative or Add-On to the traditional Strategy Map.
  - It can also be used as a place to define Objectives, KPI's and Measures.
  - It should contain some Library information available through a browse facility.
We expect this to be completed in August 2013.
June 2013: V7 Vision/Mission Module Rewrite.
Work is progressing on this module and the screen user interface is looking much better.
We have removed entirely the SWOT items as they will now be incorporated into the new DR.SWOT module.
We have substantially increased the functionality and speed of this module.
Similar to the new V6.6 Strategy Map module, there will be a specific Mode Change between Display and Edit Modes, thus providing an easy visual capability to limit access as determined by the new password system.
July 3 2013 Update:
This Module has been completely re-written and completed.
A total of 8,000 new lines of C-Sharp code were written.
As always the software was carefully and painfully crafted to achieve the best possible user interface to maximise the ease of use for our customers.
The software module uses the popular Office-2010 style Screen Ribbon Control which allows us to partition the data controls from the actual data display.
May 2013: V7 Overall Assessment.
An overall assessment of the new database structure plus the new V7 modules was done.
They all look in good shape, however we will need to update the V7 code to implement changes made to the V6.6 system.
This is especially the case with the Strategy Map Module which had a major re-write for Version 6.6.
Both the Vision/Mission and Multi-Image-Panel modules will be totally re-written.
The new DR.SWOT->KPI module is a totally new module to be written.
This new module will become the focus of the correct method to create Objectives and KPI's by using our adaption of that tried and tested SWOT concept.
- So we are saying that the SWOT zone should be the origin of all Strategic Objectives, KPI's and Measures.
April 2013: Version 7 Development Program.
Studying V7 System and setting development program.
1. Overall Assessment.
2. Looking at Module Rewrites.
3. Rewrite Vision/Mission Module.
4. Write new DR.SWOT->KPI module.
5. Changes to new V7 Options module.
6. Changes and Testing to Balanced Scorecard Module.
7. Changes and Testing to Drill-Down Cross-Reference Module.
8. Changes and Testing to Strategy Map Module.
9. Rewrite Multi-Image Panel Module.
10. Write and publish Password Access Specification.
11. Implement Password Access System.
12. Publish Version 7 Beta-1 and continue.
April 2013: New Website Created.
We have now branded our software product as "StrategyKpi" which indicates out commitment to the Strategy Map system whilst recognising that there is also a need for simple KPI software.
We have moved our website from a Linux based website hosting to the premier Windows-based DotNet host in USA.
This enables us to be ready to write a website version of our software. Hence users will be able to use our software from either the Windows Forms system or from a Web Browser and both of these will share the data by connecting to the same database. We expect to have the new website completed by the end of April and will then resume development on the Windows Forms V7 software.
January 2013: Version 6 Enhancements.
We have continued to respond to customer requests with the currently available V6 and have recently released V6.6
We resumed work on our V7 project in February 2013.
September 2012: Version 7 Progress Report.
We currently have a running Version 7 system which is now being changed to suit the latest requirements.
When this is completed we will test and debug the software with a current release target of mid 2013.
Because of the world economic state, we have continued developing the V6 series including many of the proposed V7 features.
May 2012: Comodo Code Singing Certificate Installed.
We now have a code signing Certificate which tells users that our software is legitimate.
When users install our software it tells them that the software is developed by Applied Pc Systems which is our company.
This way they know that the software has not come from some pirate organization and is hence safe to use because Comodo do rigorous testing before they issue the certificate to us.