www.StrategyKpi.com Software Refunds Policy:

www.StrategyKpi.com provides Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard software that is either Totally Free Forever or has a Significant Usage Test Time.
We encourage all users to completely test the software before they purchase a software license.
During this (extended) test period we have never been known not to provide full software Support.
At the time of writing this web page, our policy is to always provide full software support to all users at zero cost forever.
When Purchasing a Software License:

When a customer purchases a software license from us, we generate an XML file which contains the customer's name and license details in an encrypted form.
This license file is to be located on the user's hard drive in the same folder where the StrategyKpi executable file is located.
The process of installing (or copying) this file can be automated or done manually as desired and is often accompanied by an OwnerLogo.png ffile which we generate for free.
We then email these files to the customer which completes the purchase process.
Every Customer must recognise that this license only applies to themselves.
The act of giving the license file to a non-member of their organization is an act that infringes copyright laws.
As the license file contains the customer's name and address, any such supplied license file will give a clear and false indication of invalid license and strategic data owhership.
An Emailed Software License File Can Never be Retrieved:

Once we have emailed out a customer's software license file, it becomes impossible for us to retrieve this file from the Internet or from a customer's Inbox.
Hence, once we have emailed out the license file, it impossible for us to provide any kind of refund.
However we do try very hard to provide excellent support and at the time of writing this web page, all our support has always been free to everybody for as long as possible (usually forever).
We have also been known to provide a new free software license should an existing customer organization changes it name.