Perpetual Software Price List:
  - All our software Licenses last forever: (Perpetual = Forever)
  - All software support is currently unlimited and totally free.
License Version User Counts:
When we say a price for 15 users, we mean that this is the price for ALL 15 users at ONE site in ONE country.
  - The Normal Pro version price is US$275 = US$18/user.
  - In developing this software we have created over 1000 icons and written over 300,000 lines of DotNet C-Sharp computer code,
      = $0.000066 per user, per line of code.
  - This is an extremely low price for Professional Academic-quality Strategy Map driven Balanced Scorecard KPI Software.
  - Our licensing is all Honesty Based, so if you do not fit the above structure, then please Contact Us
Database Selection:
Our software is provided free with the fast and highly reliable embedded database system from
However if organizations want to have additional users, or sites, or else connect to an actual MS-SQL server then this is is possible.
Users can switch between VistaDb and SQL. This allows them to use or more private VistaDb database as wellas the enterprise system.
Current Version 7 series Perpetual Software License Prices: International Prices in US$)
Personal Version (V3)  Free Forever  
Personal Version (V7)  Free: Re-download every 60 days  
Single-User License (One User Only) VistaDb on C: Drive $50 Pay using the Trusted PayPal Checkout
15 User Single-Site License (up to 15 Users at One Site) $100 Pay using the Trusted PayPal Checkout
University Class Education (Unlimited users at One Site) $90   Pay using the Trusted PayPal Checkout University Education Special Price
Single-Site License (Unlimited Users at One Site) $120 Pay using the Trusted PayPal Checkout
Terminal-Server or Multi-Site License (Unlimited Users in one country) $150 Pay using the Trusted PayPal Checkout
Multi-Site License (Unlimited Users & Sites in One Country) $200 Pay using the Trusted PayPal Checkout
Software Support Our software support is currently free forever
Software Upgrades:
Upgrade your software from V4, 5 & 6 to current Software V7 series Totally Free Just Download & Install
Upgrade your software from V2 or V3 to current Software V7 series Totally Free Single User License Please contact us
Upgrade your License  (Users and Sites) Price difference + $50 admin fee

Payment by International Bank Transfer:
If you need to pay by bank transfer, our bank details are located on the Contact Details Page.
You must add on US$20 to cover the bank fees, please see the details on the Contact Details Page.
Final Payment Amount = Software License Cost +US$20.
US$400/day "Quick-Start" Training or Consulting package:
This is excellent value and gets you off to a fast start.
Typically this is to study all your relevant documents and create your Strategy Map.
Also we provide training using Video Conferencing systems such as Skype or TeamViewer systems.
This price is based around a minimum of 8 person-hours work, but frequently extends to 10 or more hours.
Tax: Australian Customers will need to pay GST unless they can quote an off-shore address.
Exchange Rate Calculator:
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